Looking for engaging copies or feeling lost in translation? No worries, you’ve come to the right person.

Nei5 Hou2, This is Sarah! I’m a copywriter and translator (Chinese & English).

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When in doubt of a wordsmith, take a look at the work they took part in.

Btw, kudos to everyone I worked with! Without you all, none of these would come out awesome. (I did contribute visual ideas and the taglines, but you gotta know there were designers who MADE all these amazing graphics or videos. I do know how to use tools like Photoshop and Premiere Pro but I won’t say I’m an expert in design.)

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Facts about me

Boring facts

💼 5+ years of work experience

🔗 specialised in social media copywriting

🎓 BA in Translation & Interpretation

💬 Chinese (native) | English (proficient) | Korean (intermediate)

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Fun facts

🇭🇰 born and raised in Hong Kong

✝️ following Jesus

🐹 obsessed with hamsters

📓 “smol” is my favourite word

🗺️ love travelling

🪙 still optimistic about crypto

🎵 now playing: 樹木真美 - by Serrini

📚 now reading: Lingo - by Gaston Dorren

📺 now watching: Wednesday - on Netflix

Just a pool of words

For those who want to dive deeper.

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